Why Play?

TL;DR Grandpa’s VCR is an online scavenger hunt with a mobile front end – a.k.a. bitchin’.   You’re smart.  Prove it in a fun way. 

Let me tell ya, the 1980’s are back!

Fanny packs, pegged jeans (I kid you not), and the pop culture of the 1980s is everywhere now:  Stranger Things, the Goldbergs.  Hell, Star Wars has even gotten good again.

Enter Grandpa’s VCR.  (Poor Grandpa, he is just, well… challenged.)

Not you though.  You’ve got it going on!  With your techno know-how and insightful ways, setting the time on Grandpa’s VCR should be a piece of cake.

Dare I say it?!  Should I?  I really shouldn’t.


This game is so much more than it appears.

The game starts simply.  Set the time on Grandpa’s VCR in the mobile app.  Once you do, you’ll be presented with clues and a QR code gameboard.  Each clue you solve leads you to pieces to complete the QR code.

Scan that baby and it’ll take you to the finish line.

And don’t worry, Smoopy Bear.  Should you get stumped along the way, Grandpa and Grandma are always here to help through hints and advice.

Start Your Intellectual Romp through Yesteryear.  Download the mobile app available for Android and iOS.


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