Let me explain how the game is played.

The Mobile App

The mobile app is the gateway to the game.

Download the FREE mobile app for either iOS or Android.

•  Solve Level 1 to learn how the game is played.

•  Solve Level 2.  Answer Grandma’s questions correctly to get a simple QR code puzzle.  Solve this puzzle to be taken to the account creation page at grandpasvcr.com.  Setting up an account gives you access to help through out the game.

•  Solve Level 3  Answer Grandma’s questions correctly and you will get a clue to lead you online to the gameboard needed to finish the game.  The gameboard is a QR code with certain squares missing. (It will not scan until the missing squares are filled in.)

•  Solving Levels 4 – 10 will each present you with another puzzle that will take you online to gather more game pieces for the QR gameboard.

Feel free to do the levels in any order as each level is a stand-alone puzzle.  You can access any level through the Menu Screen.

Still confused?  Here’s a short YouTube video to show you how the mobile app works.


The Goal of Grandpa’s VCR

The goal of each online puzzle is to gather game pieces.  Game pieces are codes that you use with the QR game card. So a game piece might be A1 or B2, etc.  When you find a game piece, say “A1”, you shade in the square at row A, column 1. The card is labeled such that upper right corner is A1, the upper left corner is CC1.  The bottom right corner is A29 and the bottom left corner is CC29.

Once you have shaded in enough squares, the QR code becomes “active” and you and will get the URL for the final challenge.



Easter Eggs

There are FOUR Easter eggs that you can find scattered about. There are two on the home page, one at Indiewatch.net and another listed in the forums on the website.  If you solve an Easter egg, you’ll get a code redeemable for help in the game.

Codes:  All codes can be redeemed on your account page at grandpasvcr.com.  The codes will give you credits that can be used in the mobile game with Grandma or for Advice from Grandpa to help you with the online portion of the game.   In the mobile game, Grandma will quiz you and if you don’t know the answer, you can redeem some credits for the answer.