After the campaign already ended, Indiegogo decided to pull the rug out from under me and cancel everything. Ugh.


Grandpa will not be defeated!

The Krauts couldn’t do it in WWII, and Indiegogo won’t do it today!

The long and short of it is that I would like to give you the opportunity to still get the perk you originally wanted through a Paypal donation.  If you are new, please feel free to choose a perk from the selection below.  This does nothing other than set the game back a week or so, so don’t lose hope.  The Game will go on!

It’s game time…. no more perks available.  (Sad trombone)

Thank you for all your help and support through this unexpected turn of events.



$2  USD
Baby on Board Level

This Level is perfect for the fearful.

Items included:

Entry to the Game
One Hint Credit

$4  USD
Subaru BRAT Level

This Level is good for the Casual Gamer. As a sometime gamer (you probably loved Myst) you’ll get entry into the game, some hint credits to help you when things get tough before you give up, and your name prominently displayed in the every-cute Monchhichi Donor Round.

Items included:

  • Entry to the Game
  • Four Hint Credits
  • Name in Monchhichi Donor Round
$9 USD
That’s Incredible! Level

Movin’ on up, Jefferson’s Style!! Get more hints and get a bodacious sticker for your Trapper-Keeper! Quote: George Jefferson: “This here is the living area, where we does our living, and this is the dining area, where we does our dining, and this is the kitchen area…” Weezie Jefferson: “Where we does our kitchening.”

Items included:

  • Entry to the Game
  • Six Hint Credits
  • GNARLY Die-cut Sticker
  • Name in Jheri Curl Donor Round
$17 USD
Master’s of the Universe Level

By the Power of GraySkull! Enter into Eternia at this level and earn a pass for one hour’s early access to a level of your choice before the rest of the world. Get a jump on the competition! (CANNOT be used on the Final Level)

Items included:

  • Entry to the Game
  • GNARLY Die-cut Sticker
  • TEN Hints
  • Be A Friendship Bracelet Donor
  • (1) One Hour Early Access Pass
$38  USD
Ms. Pac-Man Level

Listen for the Woka Woka. You can hear it if you concentrate. Leave all the Clydes behind to eat the banana in this high-flying level. Get a leg up on the competition with a FOUR hour early entry pass and a day’s jump on those schmoes that funded the previous level. (Sorry Folks, early access passes CANNOT be used on the final level)

Items included:

  • Entry to the Game
  • GNARLY Die-cut Sticker (2)
  • TEN Hints
  • Four Hour Early Access Pass
  • One Hour Early Access Pass
  • Start the Game 24 hours early
  • Be A ShowBiz Pizza Donor