Rules of GamePlay


Grandpa’s VCR will be a multi-week affair as it will be split into multiple parts.

  • Release One:  Levels 1-4 (5/11/18)
  • Release Two:  Levels 5,6 (Approximately a week after the previous release)
  • Release Three:  Levels 7,8 (Approximately a week after the previous release)
  • Release Four:  Levels 9,10 (Approximately a week after the previous release)

After each release, there will be a prize awarded to the first person / team that finishes that segment.


Level Prizes

  • Release One:  $50 prize awarded
  • Release Two:  $75 prize awarded
  • Release Three:  $100 prize awarded


There are two qualifications to win the Level prize:

  1. You must have contributed to the jackpot through the game OR the Paypal fundraiser.  
  2. You must be the first to email all the game pieces for the relevant levels to [email protected]


It will be posted on the BBS how many game pieces you are looking for each release.


Grand Prize

  • Release Four:  $300+
  • (the jackpot will grow as more people contribute)


The final release (Release Four) will, of course, put the Jackpot into play and the winner will be determined by who crosses the finish line first.

Helpful hint:  You do NOT need all the game pieces to reach the finish line; however, you DO need all the game pieces to receive the Level prize.  

I reserve the right to ask any winner a few questions to make sure no cheating was involved at any point.  Cheating, as determined by my sole judgement, will disqualify you from the prize.


You CAN Play for FREE

Grandpa’s VCR will be a FREE game for those just interested in the joy of playing the game.  You are under NO obligation to pay to play.  

There will be multiple opportunities to join the jackpot so please feel free to play a while before deciding if the jackpot is something you would like to be eligible for.

Liability Disclaimer   +   Terms and Conditions

(I’m told I should add in all this legal shit should someone do something illegal.  But let’s be honest, unless you’re being a real ass or a cheater, you’ve got nothing to worry about.)